May 1, 2000
Alice Tully Hall, New York
Stephen Hough, piano
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Boosey & Hawkes

Wedding Song was my nuptial gift to two dear friends, Michael Callahan and Tina Schiller. Written on January 12, 2000, at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the music is as sunny and untroubled as the title suggests. Only towards the end, with a sweetly dissonant series of E-flats evoking church bells, does the blissful F-major mood falter, sigh and lightly tremble.

When I composed this piece, little did I suspect that it would again be pressed into service in November of the same year—as my own "wedding song" !—when Ray Warman and I exchanged our vows in a black-tie (and black-leather) commitment ceremony in the aforementioned Temple at Wildwood.

– David Del Tredici
Two works composed recently at Yaddo had premieres. David Del Tredici's "Wedding Song" is a miniature, a tenderly lyrical gift piece for friends. Still, you hear Mr. Del Tredici's keen ear at work in the "wrong" notes that keep disrupting the beguiling tonal harmony.

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