August 28, 2013
Bargemusic, Here & Now Series
Mark Peskanov, violin; Felix Del Tredici, bass trombone
Extracted From
Facts of Life for guitar (2010)
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Dynamic Duo is occasioned by the extraordinary skills of my nephew, bass trombonist Felix Del Tredici and my dear friend, violinist Mark Peskanov.

“What would it be like,” I mused, “to bring the two together – musically?”

“It would be a civilization premiere!” said a friend. That is to say, it may well be the first piece ever written for this bizarre combination.

Further, Dynamic Duo, is a transcription – much expanded – of a movement from my 2009 solo guitar piece, Facts of Life.

Dynamic Duo exploits the very special effects (including singing) developed by Felix, in combination with Mark’s extravagant virtuosity and expressive power. The violin must, in effect, find a way to engage the trombone-beast, charm him, and still get out alive.

– David Del Tredici

"Perhaps the most surprising work is David Del Tredici’s Dynamic Duo for violin and bass trombone, a combination never imagined in the world of music previous to this. Mark Peskanov, that fine violinist who leads BargeMusic as President/Artistic and Executive Director, and who has the imagination to program these oddities, is the fiddler to Felix Del Tredici. One would have imagined that the contrast would be the raison d’être, (à la Berlioz’ piccolo and trombone in the Requiem), but no, the two artists play mirror images, imitate each other, form a kind of an enchanting rebus puzzle."

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Mar 13, 2017 7:00 pm
DDT 80th Birthday Concert
Joe's Pub, Public Theater, NYC

    PROGRAM will include

    Carioca Boy-Tango
    Farewell, R.W. from Facts of Life
    from Miz Inez Sez: Chateauneuf Du Pape
    Dynamic Duo
    from My Favorite Penis Poems: Hot To Trot
    from Gay Life: Here
    Innocence (Intermezzo) from String Quartet No. 1
    from Love Addiction: IIIIII & This Solid Ground

    Performers: Courtenay Budd, Felix Del Tredici, Robert Frankenberry, John Kelly, David Leisner, Eric Moe, Marc Peloquin, Mark Peskanov, Voxare Quartet, Dalit Warshaw

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    • March to Tonality cover image

      March to Tonality

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      March to Tonality

      2017, Albany Records (TROY1685-86)



      • Felix Del Tredici, bass trombone
      • Voxare Quartet
      • Steven Beck, piano
      • Michael Nicolas, cello
      • Mark Peskanov, violin
      • Margaret Kampmeier, piano
      • Curtis Macomber, violin
      • Anna Lim, violin
      • Marka Gustavsson, viola
      • Christopher Finkel, cello
      • Jeremy McCoy, double bass